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Working Principle Of Braking System

- Sep 12, 2017 -

In the performance testing process, the acceleration and braking are the main two test items, usually we come into contact with a new car, often asked the first question is how fast this car is not the brakes are not good, but the problem is slow in most cases there will be no big problem and the brakes are not very likely to be related to life safety, So today we're talking about the brakes on the car.

At present, most small cars are used hydraulic braking, because the liquid can not be compressed, can almost 100% of the transmission power, the basic principle is the driver on the brake pedal, to the brake total pump pressure on the brake oil, liquid pressure through the pipeline to each wheel brake caliper piston, The piston drives the brake caliper to clamp the brake disc, resulting in a large friction force that slows the vehicle.