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Main Components Of Braking System

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The brake booster pump and the brake master pump are in series, usually its shape is a large black similar cylindrical or conical container, in fact, it is also a piston mechanism, which has a diaphragm in the booster pump into two chambers, while linking the engine into the trachea, the other side is connected with the outside atmosphere. Because the engine in the work need to inhale, will be on the side of the booster pump vacuum, so that the film flap on both sides of the huge pressure difference, and the pressure exerted by the driver together pressure to brake the total pump to produce a huge braking force.

The brake total pump needs the pipeline to connect to each brake caliper, we can see from the brake total pump out a few black tube, these pipes are metal material, the reason is very simple, the metal is not elastic, not because the liquid pressure increase and expand, to ensure the transmission of braking power.