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Daily Braking System Maintenance, The Main Attention Should Be Paid To The Following Points

- Sep 12, 2017 -

(1) regularly check the liquid level of the liquid storage Chamber of the frozen total pump

If the brake fluid volume is not enough, the air enters, the brake will become insensitive or even ineffective. Therefore, it is best to check the brake fluid level regularly every month, pay attention to whether the liquid surface of the brake fluid appears to decrease obviously, whether the quality is worse or not, if it is to be added or replaced in time.

(2) Check the braking at 100,000 km per drive

Hydraulic brake shoe friction pads and brake drums have a useful life, when they wear to a certain extent must be replaced. Generally in urban traffic, the brake drum (disc) life is about 50,000 km, the life of the brake shoe is about 30,000 km, but the specific situation depends on the driver's operating conditions.