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Braking Mechanism

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The braking system works by creating huge friction and turning the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat. It is well known that energy can neither be produced out of thin air, nor vanish out of thin air, but only from one form to another, or from one object to another, and in the process of transformation or transfer, the amount of energy is unchanged. During the acceleration process, the car transforms the chemical energy into heat energy and kinetic energy, and the braking system turns the kinetic energy of the car into heat energy and radiates it into the air. It may take 10 seconds for a car to accelerate from stationary to 100 km/h, but it may take only xx seconds to brake from 100 kilometers an hour to rest, and the braking system is under enormous load. From another point of view, if you want to experience the acceleration of a supercar, you can use a normal home car, but you need to sit back and experience it in the brakes.