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The working principle of Brake Master cylinder

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Oil brake

The brake master pump with oil brakes has a pool of savings brake oil, which is equipped with a piston and an inlet and outlet in the cylinder. When the brakes on the piston in the cylinder by the brake pedal thrust, and then through the push rod, the cylinder of the brake oil pressure to the various wheel brake pump, the production of braking function. When the brake pedal is released, the oil outlet in the brake master pump will be closed and the inlet port open to allow the brake oil to return from the brake pump to the main brake pump and back to its original state.

Air brakes

The working principle of the brake total pump using the air brake and the brake pump using the oil brake is basically the same, they are all played as a valve, different is the oil brake total pump After the end of the brake will control the brake oil back to the tank, and the use of air brakes usually on the frame of the vehicle hanging a number of large gas tanks, When the brakes are finished, the gas is discharged directly, so we often hear a huge exhaust sound when the truck is braked.