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Basic outline of Brake booster

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Brake Booster is an innovative design for automobile braking and driving. The characteristic is that the spokes are fixed with a flywheel, the brake ratchet puller can pull the movable brake ratchet and the flywheel, the spur of the adjacent spring external fixing cylinder is occlusal; the outside of the spring external fixing cylinder has a ratchet, a ball chute and a heavy ball on the housing of the brake body, and the bearing is relative; the outer side of the disc spring is fixed on the inside of the spring external fixing cylinder. The medial end is fixed on the same spring internal fixing cylinder; the outer side has the ratchet tooth trough to be opposite with the fixed pawl, the reversing tooth ring respectively, the fixed pawl and the throttle correlation link has the throttle to assist the correlation switch, the reversing tooth ring and the wheel axle power flywheel phase occlusal can break the bite under the reversing top lever action.